Benefits of an ordinary member:

1.   Full access to the Club’s state-of-the-art sports and recreational facilities.
2.   Nominal fees of $100 for entrance (one-time) and as low as S$8 for monthly subscription.
3.   Ability to sign up for your immediate family at only S$5 extra per month.
4.   Receive a welcome kit set inclusive of one sports bottle, one sports towel, one sports waterproof bag, a car decal.
5.   Take advantage of all promotional offers from our valued partners.
6.   Make use of our Reciprocal Clubs locally and overseas.
7.   Opportunity to represent the club in various local and international competitions as Club Players.
8.   Free training facilities and special leaves for Club players while overseas.
9.   Club Colours Award for outstanding Club Players.
10.  Members can opt to join the Game Sections, who will then be entitled to a reduced participation fee for tourneys and other competitions.

Other member classes will also be entitled to all the above privileges except that their entrance fee and subscription fee might differ from one another, and they may not be entitled to hold office.