General process to become an Ordinary Club Member:
Questions? See our FAQ
no1 Download the Application Form.
no1 Fill in and submit the Application Form together with a passport-sized photo to the Club Reception Counter or email.
no1 Members who sign up within 2 months of employment are entitled to 50% discount off entrance fee. Please photocopy your SIA staff pass (2-sided) and submit it to the Club’s admin office for verification. If you or your spouse drives, please also submit a copy of your vehicle registration log card with your name, address and car IU no.
no1 Welcome to the Club! Once your membership card is ready, you will be informed to collect it at the Club.

Note: If you are applying for Group Associate Membership, an endorsement from your company's Human Resource department must be submitted (page 3 of the application form). In addition, please also fill in the attached GIRO form to allow us to deduct future payment.

If you are applying for Associate Term Membership, please provide your proposer details on page 3 of the application form. The proposer must be an existing Ordinary member of the Club.

Application Forms:
Click on the links below to download relevant application forms / documents:

Application Form for Ordinary Membership
Ordinary Membership Flash Card Update Form
• Ordinary Family Membership Upgrade Form
Application form for Group Associate Membership
Note for Group Associate Membership
Application form for Associate Term Membership
Note for Associate Term Membership
• Application for Junior Membership - Please call 6214 8169 for more information and details 
New Membership Card Update

Extended membership Form